NEW MODEL FOR 2018 Westfalia Sven Hedin Motorhome VW Crafter DSG Automatic Expected UK Debut April

With the Sven Hedin, Westfalia presents its first expansion of the new VW Crafter. The latest model from Westfalia has numerous innovations, some of which are so unique in their constructive form that they have been applied for a patent. This is the reason why the name “Sven Hedin” is not unknown in the industry, since in the 1970s, Westfalia, then on the VW LT28, built a high-quality van under this name.

Utilising the New base vehicle from Volkswagen, the VW Crafter. Numerous assistance systems, which until now were unknown in the transporter world, are installed or optionally available in this new premium product. The new eight-speed DSG automatic as well as the innovative and ergonomically optimized cockpit are further arguments that make this base vehicle so unique.

Only Westfalia would not be Westfalia, you would not have thought, where one could improve with a can conversion of this model. Due to the narrower construction of the vehicle, an innovative, yet practical and camper-efficient layout is required, without attaching side attachments to the rear-mounted motor home.

This would permanently reduce the aerodynamics and disturb the optical vehicle line. This was not a question for the developers of Westfalia. So how do you install a rear cross bed and still achieve two meter bed length? The answer is pop-out. An insulated GRP part is driven outwards as required, whereby a bed length of approximately two meters is reached. If the bed is no longer needed, the pop-out returns again and from the outside is not visible on the outside of the vehicle. Innovative!

But this innovation is not the only one that makes Sven Hedin unique. The Westfalia developers have also subjected all elements of the living and kitchen area to a complete overhaul. They found that the depth of the kitchen block is due above all to the installation depth of the compressor refrigerator. If this were not installed in a transverse but parallel manner, the kitchen block would become narrower, which would result in a clear feeling of space. And since such a refrigerator was not available on the market, it was simply developed together with a large European accessory manufacturer. The result – a cooling capacity of 70 liters and a room impression in the living room, which is unparalleled.

In the heating system, Westfalia relies on a diesel-powered hot water heating system. This not only increases the mobile’s suitability for winter, but also reduces the gas requirement. Gas is needed in the Sven Hedin only for cooking, and there is a 2.5 kg bottle sufficient. Also noteworthy for a vans are the water and sewage tank, with 100 liters (84 liters of waste water), even after an extensive shower in the enclosed bathroom of the Sven Hedin is not in the truest sense of the word in the dry.

The fact that the Westfalia developers are practitioners is evident when looking at the rear storage space of Sven Hedin. Under the previously described rear double bed even a mountain bike finds its place, with the only one the front wheel has dismounted. Size and flexibility are at the Sven Hedin Triumph, And this also applies to the storage space, which of course has a through-loading possibility. From the surfboard in the summer to the skis in the winter – everything finds its tidy place here.

We are now accepting pre-orders for this model with a limited number of ‘First Edition’ specials available. If you would like further details regarding these offers, please contact our sales team on 02392 461968 or email us at



Price: £64,995
Mileage: 0

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