Pre Owned 2014 Dethleffs Evan 560B Motorhome 2.3L Manual

Just arrived at Harbour Creek, a truly magnificent Dethleffs Evan 560B Performance, looks like new and ready to drive away.

The Dethleffs Evan offers a truly unique layout allowing you to internally store a wealth of sports equipment including wind surfing kit, kayaks, mountain bikes or even a motorbike! This motorhome truly is a tardis offering a very spacious living area, with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom. With the Evan, Dethleffs have taken a campervan-style space-saving approach to furnishing an A-class interior.
Square, upright, broad of windscreen and with the impression of a mid-mounted steering wheel – it could only be an A-class. That’s what a cursory glance at the Evan tells you, but get a bit closer and the wide (850mm) habitation doors (plural, one on the offside, one on the back) talk loud of practicality and accessibility beyond regular A-class confines.
Sports wheels, low-profile tyres and a slash of chrome striping from front to rear are smart touches, as are the five-spot, curved daytime running lights. I also like the deliberate darkening of the habitation windows that run in a border to merge into the black-framed front glass.
Unusually you benefit from both a driver and passenger front door meaning you do not need to clamber past the passenger to get to the driving seat. The steering wheel is firmly planted on the right of the cab, but the impression from the outside of something more mid-mounted is down to the additional width of the A-class body and the depth of the dashboard. On the nearside, the extra width is inhabited by a deeply-pocketed door, on the offside there’s a useful hinged cubby for phones, wallets, guide books and other accoutrement for a long journey.
Both side and rear habitation doors open almost back to the bodywork on gas struts for unhindered access to the interior of the Evan. Step up (easier at the side door with that slide-out step) and the overwhelming impression is of wide open space; I mean space you can actually walk up and down in without colliding with the décor.
The furniture units are slim and multi-doored covering abundant storage. The floor is covered in crisp laminate and feels very modern inside.
It is all astoundingly, refreshingly modern and shows, at a glance, what happens when A-class space meets campervan space-saving.
The splendid captain’s chairs spin to face the living area without fuss and fiddling, creating a workable four-seat dining area. In the 560D Performance you have four individual seats offering real space for all at the table.
The dinette here has its own large window, and combined with the panoramic front screen glass, skylights and the glazed habitation door opposite, this is just about the lightest spot in the Evan.
For cooking you get a high-quality CAN two-burner hob and sink with storage and there’s a good stretch of worktop left after the hob and sink to prepare meals on. The fridge across the walkway creates that ideal triangle that ‘experts’ always remind us is best for kitchen ergonomics.
Storage is very good, considering the depth of the main kitchen unit. There’s a floor-to-worktop cupboard with a pair of shelves, a deep drawer under the hob and a cutlery drawer under the sink. Above, there’s a pair of lockers with loads of room for cans, cups and glasses, and above the sink there’s a useful two-shelf cubby.
During the day, the kitchen is an incredibly light space, thanks to the large window that forms its backdrop, the skylight above and the reflection of light from the storage façade behind. At night, three LED spots in the base of the overhead lockers illuminate the kitchen really well. The other good feature is the 3 underfloor storage areas accessible inside the van both in the lounge area and next to the back door as well as the safe hidden inside a cupboard. There is also considerable storage under the twin pilot seats.
Drop-down beds have revolutionised the way modern motorhomes look and work, so it’s no surprise to find one nestling above the A-class cab in the Evan.
To drop this bed down, the driver and passenger seats need to be folded forwards first. They can stay in their swivelled positions, and the folding takes just a twist of a chunky handle on the seat base. The bed then unclips from its seatbelt-style buckle and can be pulled down with little effort. This model also benefits from the elevating roof offering a second double bed meaning you can sleep 4 adults in all.

Key Specification Includes:

  • 1500 Watt inverter
  • 150 Watt solar panel
  • 2nd Leisure battery
  • Outside gas bbq point
  • Outside 12volt power outlet
  • Outside mains power outlet
  • Outside ski locker
  • New cam belt kit
  • Sat nav
  • Satellite dish
  • Vanbitz Strikeback Growler Alarm System
  • High-quality Pilote seats with Impulse leather
  • Bathroom that converts into a cupboard
  • Panorama cab- with a hidden pull-down bed at the top
  • Professionally integrated awning
  • Remote central locking
  • 2 double beds
  • Bathroom with shower, toilet & sink
  • Removable shelves in the bathroom for extra storage
  • Underfloor storage
  • External locker
  • XL door for the rear and prominent high-level rear moulding
  • Overhead locker in Performance styling
  • Dethleffs alloy wheels 17” anthracite polished silver
  • LED indirect lighting with adjustable colours
  • Webasto diesel heating
  • 95AH leisure battery
  • Hot water supply with mixer tap
  • Panorama window “Privacy Black” for kitchen
  • Panorama window “Privacy Black” for lounge area
  • Cab blinds
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Electric & heated mirrors
  • Rear view camera
  • Avtex TV

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Price: £42,995
Mileage: 17,677

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